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Related post: Date: Sat, 18 Jun 2011 00:09:04 +0800 From: Ben Ng Subject: Rick's Early Life - Part 3This is a fictional story depicting sexual acts between boys. If this offends you virgin children pics naked please read very little virgins no further.If you like it or have feedback please let me know at my other stories at's Early Life - Part 3Soon after the little fun we had in the showers, mom was calling us from downstairs to hurry up. It was Sunday and we had to go to church. We hurried downstairs and a little while later, we deepthroat virgins mpegs were at the church. As I sat through Sunday service, all I could think of was my brother's warm mouth on my cock. It was sensational and something I couldn't get off my mind. I couldn't wait to go home and try it again. More so, I started wondering what it would be like to take my brother's giant cock in my mouth. 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We had a home gym in wild teen virgins the basement and both dad and my brother worked out there regularly. I was considered too young to join, but finally I got to get in! Dad was a bit concerned that I might injure myself with the weights, but my brother assured him that he will teach me properly. There was a smile on dad's face as he saw how excited I was. My brother taught me how to use the weights and the other equipments. He started me russian virgin naturist tgp off with the lightest ones and gradually building up to see how wet virgin vagina gallery much I could take."Just remember to start low rika nishimura asian virgins and gradually go up, ok? Don't push yourself too hard at first; I don't want you to get injured. Dad would be yelling at me."I assured him I'd be careful and I started lifting some weights myself. I was new to it but I quickly learned everything as he showed me each piece of equipment."Ok. You know how everything works, right? We can take turns. It's good to have a workout buddy.""I thought you do it with dad?""Yes, but I work out every day and dad doesn't, so a lot of times I'm down here on elitevirgin my own.""Isn't that boring?""Yeah, but I also get to have some solo fun!" He started stripping right in front of me. "You see, when I'm down here by myself, I get to pump abraham little of virginia my cock while I'm pumping iron."He was lifting weights with his left hand while pumping his cock with his right. He looked so hot; his muscles flexing while his big, hard cock was sticking out, pointing right at me. What happened to me next was almost involuntary. I just walked towards him, kneeled girls sample virgins down and took his cock in my mouth. He moaned, hardcore virgin pussy all the while lifting weights with his left hand still. His right hand was stroking my hair."Oh my God, virgin schoolgirl sex that feels so good!"I russian virgin pussy pics was mesmerized. 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It was also the start of countless blowjobs for years to come.
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